A delightful surprise hides inside a sparkling bright package!

Our Elf-in-a-Box animatronic is ready to pop-up, entertain, and inform your guests. He's a whimsical little character who can sing, tell jokes, and alert your guests to show times and other important display/venue information. Your package can come ready-to-entertain with pre-built (off-the-shelf or customized) routines, or your elf can be fully programmed by you (servo controller and one or two 12v or 120v channels required). Set-up is quick and easy, and he can be used indoors or out*.

The package stands a little over 22 inches closed and 34 inches when opened. The base is 18 inches square. Our Elf-in-a-Box is available in three different gift box color combinations (red box/green ribbon, green box/red ribbon, blue box/yellow ribbon), and three different hair colors (brown, blonde, and orange).

This year, add the fun of surprise to your show or display, with an Elf-in-a-Box animatronic from Season's Greeters.


* Outdoor use should be in a semi controlled environment, without the potential of direct rain or heavy snow loads.